osu!: Circles everywhere.

Woo. Two pictures in one post. Featuring “Miles” from DJMax, another series of rhythm games I’m no good at. By the way, the style of my osu! is a DJMax skin, it’s not the original osu! style.

osu! is a rhythm game made by an Australian guy. It closely follows the playstyale of Elite Beat Agents and Osu Tatakae Ouendan or something like that. One of the things that are really great about osu! is how scoring high is encouraged, through the use of having top 40 replays for every song and multiplayer to see who can get the highest score at the moment. Another is the large database, and thus, the large amount of beatmaps (the thing you play with the song, you know, those circles) available. However, the majoirty of the userbase are asians (Koreans) who are likely to beat you everyday, and alongside the majority of beatmaps are Nightcore or Japanese in general. Particularly anime opening songs though.

Still, I’ve been having fun for 4 months. I wanted to upload a video, but it seems you need to pay for that, and I’ve not set my eyes on a youtube account yet.

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