RaiderZ: Tera for free…?

A few players and me standing next to a slain boss, the Chimera.

I’m not sure of it’s actual name, but it packed quite a punch, you know?

I was in the alpha test for RaiderZ, and I can say I enjoyed my time, but there were a lot of thing that needed improvement, of course.

RaiderZ is kind of like a severely toned down Monster Hunter, but I guess it’s alright since it’s free anyway. Besides, it was only alpha.

But one thing I was disappointed about was the lack of variety with different armour pieces…You’d have types of armour like chainmail, leather, etc. but there was only one every 5 levels for those types.Oh well. I guess I’m just comparing it to Monster Hunter too much…


Wakfu: Why can’t I kill all of these gobballs?

Look at all of those gobballs!

It’s like the sequel to Dofus, and as always the sequel is different in either some way or a lot of ways. Playing as an Eniripsa (Healer Class) seems less boring now, but it’s still weak.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim : Ghost Children

If you’re guessing this has anything to do with any of the serious quests, then you’re being too paranoid about spoilers.

One of the things I don’t like about this game is that you can’t walk through ghosts, but projectiles and your weapon go through them without trouble. Everything else (apart from the magic) is fine.

osu!: Circles everywhere.

Woo. Two pictures in one post. Featuring “Miles” from DJMax, another series of rhythm games I’m no good at. By the way, the style of my osu! is a DJMax skin, it’s not the original osu! style.

osu! is a rhythm game made by an Australian guy. It closely follows the playstyale of Elite Beat Agents and Osu Tatakae Ouendan or something like that. One of the things that are really great about osu! is how scoring high is encouraged, through the use of having top 40 replays for every song and multiplayer to see who can get the highest score at the moment. Another is the large database, and thus, the large amount of beatmaps (the thing you play with the song, you know, those circles) available. However, the majoirty of the userbase are asians (Koreans) who are likely to beat you everyday, and alongside the majority of beatmaps are Nightcore or Japanese in general. Particularly anime opening songs though.

Still, I’ve been having fun for 4 months. I wanted to upload a video, but it seems you need to pay for that, and I’ve not set my eyes on a youtube account yet.

Dragon Nest: Santapooch?


Someone told me it was a leftover from the Korean Dragon Nest Christmas event and the translators probably weren’t paying too much attention.  Perhaps it’ll be used in a Global Dragon Nest’s Christmas event as well.

O2Mania: Basically offline O2Jam

I’m not very good at it, but I’ve always wanted to get better at this rhythm game ever since I saw my older brother and cousins playing it. I’m sure this was the rage in Malaysia and Indonesia back when it was online, but they shut down and all we have is this and private servers now.

Elona: Make museum, display figurines and cards of slain enemies, earn profit!


What I enjoy a lot about this game is that you can design land you own to your own liking. The only limit is variety of tiles and the space they give you. I recommend this game to anyone who likes roguelikes, but wants something more graphical.